Brigit Elisabeth Services - First Conversation
This talk is free of charge. Have a look at how it all fits together in the Big Picture and what you will get out of it.

First Conversation

Our first chat is to get to know each other. The 45 minutes conversation can take place either over the phone or in person. It is a gift from me to you. I will not charge for this time and there is no obligation tied to it. At the end of it, you and me will decide if the next best step is to collaborate. According to your expectations and goals, we discuss what services will be the perfect fit. We are Getting Started.

+ What is already in place?
+ What works well?
+ How does it work?


+ What needs to stay?
+ What needs changing?
+ What priority does it get?


+ How & when will it happen?
+ Who will be responsible?
+ What will be communicated?