Brigit Elisabeth Services - Getting Started
Figuring out what best fits your needs. Read about my background. Regardless if we collaborate or not, I take confidentiality very seriously. For more information about my working ethics, please read my Working Principles and read the Privacy Policy.

Getting Started

We discuss potential areas, time, and scale of working together. If it's a straight forward 1:1 coaching collaboration, I set up an agreement accordingly. If it's more complex, involving different disciplines, I will write an outline based on our conversation and further shared information. For this outline, I will charge my working time. Yet, we will agree how many hours maximum to spend on it, reflecting where you are at. The outline includes, but is not limited to:
    + Overview and Expectations.
    + Outputs and deliverable.
    + Communication and reporting practices.
    + Pricing and remuneration process.
Once approved by both of us, it will form base for the agreement. Any session will be scheduled once we have both signed. Should we not reach an agreement, no harm done. If applicable, you will only pay me for the agreed hours spent on the outline. Let's get Coaching!

+ What is already in place?
+ What works well?
+ How does it work?


+ What needs to stay?
+ What needs changing?
+ What priority does it get?


+ How & when will it happen?
+ Who will be responsible?
+ What will be communicated?