Vision & Mission

Vision: Human beings at their best that change the system(s) how we live, work, and treat each other and the planet for the better; based on our shared fundamental values of compassion, cooperation, and connection.

Mission: I support you in habitually reaching a state of productivity in times of transition, by working with you either in the capacity of a coach, advisor or both. I combine coaching & neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) techniques, best practice models from business and methods from the performing arts.

Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

Working Principles

Working Principles & Ethics:
+ Focused on your productivity.
+ Holding the space for you.
+ Objective sounding board for you.
+ Endlessly curious about what you want.
+ Committed to our working relationship.
+ Willing to challenge you respectfully.
+ Shine the light, so you learn how to help yourself.
+ Invite you to understand more about yourself and others.

Techniques, Methods:
+ Best business practices from global corporations and theatres.
+ Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.
+ Acting and improvisation techniques.

The Benefits

You are becoming aware of your patterns, way of working, motivations and beliefs. Also, you will learn how to work with emotions productively, rather than be run by them. You become and stay productive on all levels (physical, emotional, intellectual) in any given situation.

The fact is that people in transition are at risk of being not their most productive selves.  A transition might be a change of career, setting up a business, taking on a new role etc. With it comes uncertainty and fears. Fear in a person can result in the most unproductive behaviour for the business and themselves.

I support people in a transition, not because I think they cannot make it themselves. I work with them because I believe they will make it through faster, more successful and even have some fun. Humans operating at maximum productivity live in a state of personal confidence, contentment and motivation.

Combined with the structural elements of a solid administration it is a major key to business success. It ensures operational efficiency, which leaves time to focus on business development.

My coaching and training techniques will help pull your many skills, abilities and experience together to create a plan to achieve both personal and professional goals, consistent with your deepest beliefs and values.

Big Picture

Brigit Elisabeth - Infographic

What is coaching: Coaching is a creative partnership to focus, design and implement specific, meaningful, personal, professional or organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner. The goal is to support the client in developing a sustainable resourceful mindset.

Coaching benefits: raising self-awareness concerning behaviour patterns and beliefs; being able to change them if wanted. building confidence, authenticity and peace of mind. tools and techniques to prepare, create a mindset before a meeting/conversation/negotiation. dealing with pressure and stress in a resourceful way. 

Professional coaching, client testimonial, coach bee, value fun. At your service, if you like to, be inspired, dedicated, organized, successful. Put it all together. Management consultant, strategy consultant, Administration consultant. coaching benefits. I support professionals successfully moving through career transitions by creating a sustainable resourceful mindset, confidence and stronger communication.


Principles: Client Centered: honoring your inner resources, skills, agenda and outcomes. Solution-Focused: moving towards a desired future outcome. Action Oriented: pursuing change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, beliefs, behavior and habit formation. Systematic: understanding your holistic nature, seeing how change can fit into your life.

Process: As your coach, I sponsor you towards the ownership of skill-sets that encourage and support you to increase creativity, productiveness and effectiveness. In private, confidential sessions in person or over the phone, we will: Identify Topics/Areas: I will help you define what you want to accomplish in the areas of your life. Explore Ideas & Elicit Values: I will probe, challenge, listen and question until you have developed a clear and compelling vision and goal to move towards. Refine & Reflect: I will support and motivate you through the process to review aims, set direction towards the achievement of your goals according to your values. Set Actions: I will help you develop a clear action plan to move your goals forward Remove Barriers: we will identify barriers and discover points of leverage, that you understand your emotional reactions and learn how to work with them on a choice basis. Change can produce stress. I am here to assist you to stay relaxed and productive in times of challenge. When you commit to work with a personal coach you learn how to focus on your ability sets and even have fun in the process!

“You are the captain on your ship deciding on the route and destination. I am the navigator next to you holding the map.”

Who I Am

Acquaintance, Administrator, Announcer, Artist, Art Lover, Assistant, Aunt, Baker, Board/Committee Member, Brunette, Charmer, Coach, Colleague, Communicator, Confidante, Connector, Cook, Consultant, Cousin, Culture Nerd, Dancer, Devil’s Advocate, Diplomat, Dreamer, Doer, Donor, Emphatic, Enthusiast, Explorer, Facilitator, Fairy in disguise, Feeler, Fighter, Free Spirit, Friend, Generalist, Giver, Godmother, (Grand) Daughter, Helper, Hermit, Hiker, Homemaker, Humanist, Humorist, Instructor, Leader, Learner,  Left & Right Brain User,  Light Desk Technician, Listener, Mentor, Motivator, Networker, Niece, Observer, Optimist, Organizer, Painter, Partner, Performer, Philanthropist, Photographer, Planer, Practitioner, Pragmatist, Presenter, Professional, Questioner, Reader, Reformer, Representative, Romantic, Runner, Seeker, Sensor, Singer, Sister (in law), Skier, Snowboarder, Social Animal, Speaker, Stage Hand, Storyteller, Strategist, Student, Swiss, Teacher, Thinker, Trainer, Traveler, Vagabond, Visionary, Volunteer, Walker, Writer, Yogi.

Why is my name Bee?

Anything else you like to know? Get in touch. I look forward to meeting YOU.

Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

What I Do

Depending on your needs, I can offer individual or group sessions in English or German.


Any topic you want to bring to the table (& I truly mean ANY topic), like
+ Flow State & Leadership
+ Behavioral and Belief Patterns
+ Expectations, Stress & Pressure
+ Intellectual & Emotional Mind
+ Team Development

Consulting & Training
+ Interviewing & Hiring
+ Standards & Procedures
+ Debating, Speaking & Presenting
+ Event Management

Brigit Elisabeth - About Me

Where I Trained

I had the great privilege to do my training, learning and work with the best in their field in seven countries across the globe.

Hospitality & Entertainment Industry (11 years)
+ BA in Hospitality Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education
(Hotel Management School), Switzerland
+ Central Hotel Group, Thailand
+ Disney World, United States of America
+ General Manager fast track program, Hilton hotels in the
Netherland and Germany
+ Hilton Human Resources, Corporate Marketing & Corporate
Development, Head Office United Kingdom
+ Compass Group, Communication, Head Office Switzerland

Skills developed: customer service, hotel operation, team management, leadership, strategy, human resources, project management, budgeting, communication, marketing, franchising, administration, standards, procedures development, negotiating, training, presenting.

Brigit Elisabeth - My Experience

My love for the performing arts led me to change industries, return to Zurich and take on a position that would allow me to study and support myself financially at the same time.

Performing Art Industry (6 years)
+ Diploma in Opera Performance from Birkbeck College London, United Kingdom
+ MAs in Arts Administration from University of Zurich, Switzerland
+ Rheinoper, Opera Dusseldorf, Germany
+ Classical Music Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
+ Opera Zurich, Switzerland

Skills developed: office management, theatre operation, team management, leadership, project management, budgeting, communication, administration, standards & procedures development, event management, negotiating, training & presenting, diplomacy.

My experiences and training have allowed me to develop skills to work with and understand different people, cultures and difficult situations in real life, not just in theory. My employers and colleagues have always known that they can rely on me to get results and meet goals. I’d love to hear about your stories.

Brigit Elisabeth - My Experience

The joy I find helping people like yourself make adventurous changes in their career/life and the desire to become an entrepreneur brought me to Vancouver.

Coaching ( years)
+ Certification in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
from Erickson Coaching International
+ Professional Coach Credential (PCC) by the
International Coach Federation (ICF) 

Consulting & Facilitation
+ Organizational & Program Development for
Erickson Coaching International
+ Co-creation and Faculty for the corporate online program
‘Coaching Competencies for Leaders’

Brigit Elisabeth - About Me


Why I have a section called “Get Inspired” and “Take a Break”.

The idea of this section is to ‘shake out’ your mind, let your own creativity emerge and just have a bit of fun. Sit back, breath easy, relax, watch/read/write and smile. This is a free, healthy, instant productivity booster!

  1. Amazing!
    (to be used only with exclamation mark)
  2. Beer Micro Breweries
    (with the most creative names, labels and flavours imaginable)
  3. Various types of bad weather conditions,
    (like raining cats & dogs, drizzling, downpour, hail, overcast etc.)
  4. Bicycles
    (the whole tech. the glossary that comes with it & rides)
  5. Coffee
    (need to have & declare your favourite coffee shop)
  6. Gluten-free
    (happily written on everything, i.e. dairy products..)
  7. Green
    (meaning outside, food, clothes, packaging…etc.)
  8. Yoga & Meditation
    (not a question if you do it, only which style & where)
  9. Vegan
    (making sense from an environmental and health point of view)
  10. Beaches
    (there are so many, true CA-style with huge logs on it)
  11. Smoothie / Shake / Blender
  12. Spinach
    (to be eaten for all three meals in every shape & format)
  13. Kale
    (if you’re fed up with the spinach)
  14. Organic
    (even more expensive than in Zurich..)
  15. Hemp Hearts
    (protein, apparently the best way to honour your body temple – you guessed right, that goes into the smoothie with the spinach)